Sunday, October 28, 2018

RIP John Arthurs

ARTHURS, John – Born November 16th, 1937, passed away early on Friday, October 26th, 2018, at the Oshawa General Hospital.

John was the loving husband of Brenda (nee Corr) Arthurs for 55 years; father to Angela, Paul and Christopher; father-in-law to Mark and Michele; grandfather to Rory, Luke (Tess), Cole (Tegan), Emily, Hannah (Matt), Jonathan, Colin, Phoebe, Cole and Lauren.

John is survived by his brothers Jim (Lily) and Raymond (Valerie) in England, and is pre-deceased by his siblings Father Austin, Winifred, Pauline (Frank), Mary (Vincent) and Joan.

John is also mourned by his extended family in England, Australia and Canada, including Ged and Betty Carr, Rose Delaney, and family friend Elaine Vandewalker.

For his college In England, John ran track and cross country, travelling to competitions in Europe and all over the United Kingdom. John and Brenda moved the family to Canada in 1968, and John started teaching at Oshawa Catholic High School (now Paul Dwyer). His subjects were usually math, physics and chemistry. He volunteered at graduations, sponsored the photography club, and coached numerous high school cross-country running and track teams, as well as the Oshawa Vikings Rugby Club in the 1970s.

John retired in 1998 after more than three decades as a devoted teacher in Catholic education, both in Canada and England. John was an avid photographer of landscapes and nature, and documented weddings, group portraits and all family events. He was a devoted do-it-yourselfer who enjoyed woodworking and gardening. His family have many of his wood projects in their homes, and looked forward to a beautiful display of flowers in the spring. John was a reader and a traveller. He and Brenda toured Newfoundland, Alaska, the Southern US, and the Holy Land, and visited England many times. He was also a perennial Church volunteer at St. Gertrude’s for daily mass, and for marriage preparation courses. John was very proud of his grandchildren, and loved attending graduations (with camera in tow).

John was out for dinner with family on Friday night, then suffered a stroke Saturday morning and went to hospital. He had great care from the Emergency department and the Integrated Stroke Unit at Oshawa General Hospital. Anyone wishing to make donations in lieu of flowers could donate to Heart and Stroke, Canadian Cancer Society (Ride for a Cure) or the charity of their choice.

Visitation will be Tuesday October 30th at Armstrong Funeral Home on King Street from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 pm. Funeral Mass will be at St. Gertrude’s, also on King Street, on Wednesday October 31st at 10 am, followed by a reception downstairs in the church hall.

Friday, September 21, 2018

Pics From The Past With George Callender

History teacher, George Callender's wife Sonia died on September 2, 2018. On the obituary site, there was a treasure trove of pictures from the 1970's, including the ones that I have gleaned here.
 The pic above is Sonia Catherine Callender, wife of George Archie Callender (April 3, 1939 - September 2, 2018). Rest in peace.

George Callender with Kathy Hatt in front of the school. As an FYI, Kathy married Claude D'Allaire who was also at OCHS,

George Callender in his classroom at OCHS.

George Callender with one of his children. In the background to the right is Jack Cole, and to the left is Ann-Marie Monego.   (I may have to correct the spelling on Ann-Marie's name).

Sunday, July 15, 2018

RIP - John Gurney

I don't usually post content about people who were not at OCHS during my era (note the My OCHS moniker), however Mr. Gurney was a noted teacher in the separate school system, his son Peter was at OCHS the same time that I was (ahead of me) and Maureen Moloney has fond memories of him as a math teacher at OCHS or Dwyer, and she has done more than anyone to preserve the legacy of OCHS. So here is the obituary for John Francis Gurney.

GURNEY, John Francis- It is with great sadness that the family announces the passing of John Francis Gurney on July 1st, 2018. He was in his 98th year. He leaves two sons, John (Marybeth) and Peter (Cris), three granddaughters Meaghan Hegarty (Stephen), Melissa Gurney (Robin) and Colleen Heywood (Chris), and five great grandchildren, Addy, Kenna, and Griffin Hegarty, and Ellianna and Kieran Thornton. He was predeceased by his wife Julia and son Michael. John was born in Sydney, NS on September 30th, 1920. He was at times a research scientist, geologist and from the early 60's until his retirement taught high school in Hamilton, Whitby and Oshawa. As per his wishes, there will be no service, but a gathering of family and friends will be arranged at a later date.

In pace requiescat.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Archival Items From The School - Donations Accepted

Several new OCHS donations have been dropped off at the Main Office at Msgr. Paul Dwyer High School. They are kept for the OCHS archivist to label and put on display (in the front foyer glass cases).

The school archivist is Maureen Moloney (1973-1978 student; 1993-2012 teacher) who takes good care of these retro items and acknowledges who donated them. If you have anything to add to the school's BEST years (that would be the OCHS years), either drop it off at the school with your contact information OR send her an email:

This month two special OCHS donations were added to the display collection:

1) The Cross Canada Run first year T-Shirt (donated by Bob Weindorfer who earned it running 800+ laps of the track in Grade 9 - 1973-74)

2) The silky team jacket from the last OCHS Sr. Boys' Basketball Team 1975-76 - donated by team member Brian Trigg (The school was renamed in Sept. 1976)

Click on any pic below to enlarge it.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Heritage Oshawa Web Scrape - Memories of Oshawa - 1960's - 1970's Part 3

The Heritage Department of the City of Oshawa had a Memories of Oshawa web page.  It was taken down when they re-did their website and the content wasn't saved, but I web-scraped it to keep the memories of Oshawa alive during the time as Neil Young put it, when "all our changes were there".  Oshawa has changed drastically since those halcyon 1970's and my time at OCHS .  This is part 3 of the web scrape. More to come.

The sign is in Miles Per Hour, Not Kilometers Per Hour - Pre-Metrification Era

Posted by Mike
If you go to and search Oshawa Fires 1961, there are some pics there. 

Posted by Mike
Frank, the Fashion village fire was january 10th 1961,there were seven businesses destroyed. I used to go for lunch with my mother to the Home Dairy Co. Cafeteria, which was also burnt. There is a picture of the aftermath of the fire on page 41, in volume one of Thomas Bouckley's three volume set of books "Pictorial Oshawa". I have a set myself, but I am pretty certain you will find them in them in the Oshawa Library collection.

Posted by Frank
YES!!!! I didn't know that it was called the "Fashion Village Fire" I do not remember the exact date and there must be some pictures somewhere of the fire, I remember getting off the night shift and going to see the happening. 

Posted by Allen
Could be the "Fashion Village Fire" on Simcoe St S between King and Athol Streets.

Posted by Frank
Does anyone remember the big fire downtown on Simcoe street circa 1963 or 1964 ??? 

Posted by Rick 
To Allen Oshawa phone number was RA-33680!!

Posted by John Ardan
Thinking about all those in my life and especially my early days in Oshawa at O'Neill, 

Posted by Vi 
I remember the Rose Bowl restaurant very well. Loved the cherry cokes. 

Posted by Barbie E
I remember the cafeteria at the Bay. As far as I know the Bay owned that. Our sons loved going there for a hamburger. It was a lovely spot not only to have lunch but just a cup of coffee. I felt it was a big mistake when the Bay decided to do away with it. I still miss it sometimes but as they say nothing ever stays the same. Do you remember the little restaurant that Eaton's had at the bottom of their escalators. I think it was called The Hub. It really was not that great.

Posted by Chrystal 
I was hoping that someone might remember the name of the restaurant that was in The Bay back in the 80's. It was right in lower level off to the side. It was cafeteria style but had a huge seating area in the back. 

Posted by Doug 
I remember that the staff at the Drop in. There was Mert McDonald, Rolanda Morin and Doug Firth.... Quite the bunch for sure....

Posted by Doug 
I played in a few bands around Oshawa in the late 70's. We played almost every Friday night at the drop in across from the Bandshell. The band was Mythrander and had me on bass, Tony Bernardo on guitar, Brian Mithell on vocals and Paul Hollobon on drums. We also played at City Hall for Canada Day and at the park at the Lake on Canada Day.. Good times for sure..

Posted by Wayne
Anyone remember Holy Cross school back in 70 and 71?
A couple teachers like Mr. Vestors, Miss Horrigan and the ear twister Mr Carr? Remember his drama class over at the basement hall of the church? How about some classmates like the Clancy brothers and Barry Chamberlain. We used to go over to Alto music at lunch and bug old Mike while looking at all the guitars and amps. I still have an old acoustic bought from him at the time. Time flies.

Posted by Wayne
Two bands I remember are Chillum and Sunrise Sam.

Posted by Wayne
Spent my childhood in Oshawa. I remember Pete the popcorn man. Also the MIO icecream guy, the knife sharpeners in their trucks, Camp X, Mikes pool hall on King, (used to work there as a kid). Tons of good memories from the late 60's into the 70's. Remember the Stones playing at the civic? Rush at old home week before it became an annual drunk trek around Oshawa. Sneaking into the drive-in on our bikes. The old Lancaster bomber at the airport. The shopping center when it had no roof! Yeah, good times.

Posted by Robert 
Scanning some of the comments brought back memories.

Posted by Ron
It was the Spring of 1965. I was a drummer in a garage band in Oshawa. I forget what we call ourselves since our band's name changed weekly. Other members of the band included the Mitchell Brothers on Sax, Dave Pharo Rhythm Guitar and the great Guy Legere lead guitar with his fender Stratocaster, and a few other guys I can't remember now. Green onions (coined by Booker T and the MGS fame) was our theme song. Ron McKnight my partner in crime (a great rugger player for the Oshawa Vikings) and I staged a number of weekend dances around town that summer to raise gas money for his 55 chev and my 57 chev and to bankroll our impending Southern California trip via Grey Hound Bus in the Fall of 65. Our band played a few nondescript sold out venues around town including the Polish Hall, and the Grenfell County club. I must point out that our dances were always sold out. We had to turn the crowds away at the door, teens throughout Oshawa flocked to our dances coming from every High School once the word got out. They didn't come because our band was so hot, although I must admit we did sound pretty good ( we didn't have an extensive library of songs but the few we did have were songs with a great beat that you could play and dance to all night - Bill Blacks Combo stuff and Junior Walker and the All Stars) but I believe our attraction could best be attributed to the under the table beer sales we were able to orchestrate in those non highly regulated times. Fast forward - Ron and I took our California/Mexico trip in the fall (that is a story unto itself) mainly bankrolled by those Oshawa 1965 Summer beer fest dances which kept our Chevy gas tanks full. I look back now at those care-free fun loving music filled Rock and Roll days in Oshawa in the Summer of 1965 and consider how fortunate I was to be born and raised in Oshawa. Those truly were the glory days!

Posted by Allen
Do you remember when Oshawa phone numbers, before area codes, started with RAndolph. The R on the phone corresponded to the number7, and the A on the phone corresponded to the number 2. I think all of Oshawa was in the 72 exchange.

I can remember my mother giving our phone number, for an example, to someone as: Randolph 9-9999. 

How things have changed. Back then there was not 911 you called for an emergency. Police, Fire and Ambulance had their own separate 7 digit numbers. Confusion in an emergency WOW. Of course you could always call the operator by dialing 0, but that could take a lot longer for the operator to answer. I know, I tried it as a test, and it took 6 or 7 rings for the operator to answer, because they were busy handing other calls.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

RIP Cheryl Kelleher

Cheryl Kelleher was in our grade all through high school.  It was just brought to my attention that she had died in 2016.  I had no idea that she was a transplant from Russellville, Arkansas. Her father had died and her mother re-married and her step-dad Daniel Kelleher moved the family to Oshawa. Apparently she returned after high school.  Here is her obituary:

Obituary for Cheryl Ann Lambert

Cheryl Ann Lambert was surrounded by her loving family when she went home to the Lord on May 6th, 2016. The daughter of Raymond and Patricia Marx Lensing, she was born June 24, 1955 in Russellville. When she was a child her family moved from the United States to Canada. She attended Monsignor Paul Dwyer Catholic High school in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada, graduating in 1973.
In 1972, she met the love of her life; Robert David Lambert. They wed June 15th, 1974 in a beautiful ceremony attended by family and friends. In 1975, Robert and Cheryl welcomed their first child, David Patrick Lambert into the world. She often referred to David as her sunshine based on the song "You are my Sunshine". On May 2nd, 1980; Robert and Cheryl welcomed their second child, Billie-Ann Teresa Lambert.
She was both a mail carrier and a mail clerk for the United States Postal Service. She was an avid reader, talented gardener and crafter. The greatest gift we all received was having her as “Big Momma.”
She loved nothing more than spending time with her family. She would attend any game, meet, event or function with full support and love. She was known as “Big Momma” not for her stature or demeanor but for the size of her heart. She always had time to listen, talk and play no matter how she felt. She was the sweetest of girls and will be missed by many.
She was preceded in death by her father, Raymond Lensing; stepfather, Daniel Kelleher.

She is survived by her husband, Robert Lambert, Russellville; daughter, Billie and her husband, Daniel Bruce, Benton;  Son, David and wife, Robin Lambert, Russellville; 3 grandchildren, Ty Bruce, Dani Lambert, Ashlyn Lambert; mother, Patricia Kelleher, Dardanelle; 3 sisters, Monica Bond, Emporia, KS, Cathy Lensing, Little Rock, Mary Kelleher; 3 brothers, Dennis Kelleher, Illinois, Kevin Kelleher and Mike Kelleher, both of Dover.

In pace requiescat 

Comment (Maureen Moloney):  Cheryl's younger sister Cathy was in my grade all through elementary school (St. Paul on Garrard Road in Whitby). The Kellehers lived on Rossland Road in Whitby. Cheryl and Monica walked to OCHS (no buses back in the day) and Cathy ended up going to Anderson. The family moved back to Arkansas in the mid-1970s and none of us ever heard from them again! I remember that Mrs. Kelleher had a pronounced Arkansas accent. 

Monday, January 8, 2018

RIP Des Shutka

Desmond Shutka was in my grade and classes all through high school. His high school sweetheart was Marie O'Connor who was also in my class. She became his wife.  RIP Des.

Obituary for Desmond Patrick Shutka

(Retired Constable Toronto Police Service, Knights of Columbus 4895, 4th Degree 2287 Father Leo J Austin Whitby Assembly, Whitby legion 112)

Passed away suddenly in Florida on December 8, 2017 at the age of 63.

Predeceased by his parents Dan & Gretta Shutka. Survived by his wife Marie and his daughters Catherine (Chris) Waters and Kelly (Shane) Penton. Cherished grandfather of Kody, Kole and Kiley.
Desmond is survived by his siblings Donna (Paul) Lonergan, Diane (Vic) Dyke, Dan (Jewel) Shutka, Denise (Mike) Holden, Debra (John) Kiriopoulos.

Des is also survived by his in-laws Terry and Dolores O’Connor and all their 10 children, spouses and several neice’s and nephew's.

Des passed away unexpectedly while on vacation in Florida. He was living the dream! Des has been cremated and a celebration of his life will be held on April 14th 2018 and would have been his 64th birthday. Times and location of Celebration events will be confirmed in the new year.

In pace requiescat

Friday, January 5, 2018

Pics From Joanne Bond ~ 1972 and 2015

Joanne Bond sent along a couple of pics contrasting 1972 and 2015.  Let's start with 1972.


(click on pic for larger image)

Left to right, back: Glenn McLaughlin, Frances Schillings, Mary Ellen VandeValk, Liz Walsh, Sally Howson, Mr.See, Cathy Coros, Kathy Hatt,
Sitting:  Deirdre Fegan, Joanne Bond

I don't know what Glenn was doing there.  He was a totally personable, fun-to-be-with guy in my class with the unflattering nickname of "Shorty".  Two of our teachers, Miss Harris and Mrs. Thompson made us write our names on the board if our homework wasn't done. Glenn's routine on entering the classrooms of both teachers was to go and write his name on the board.  Mrs. Thompson taught history.  The hair fad in the 1970's was streaking, where you had a platinum streak or two running through your hair.  One day Mrs. Thompson came to school with her hair streaked and Glenn said "Hello Mrs. Zebra".  She left the room crying.  Glenn is off in BC now as a city administrator and this is what he looks like now:


(click on pic to enlarge)
L to R. Sitting
Ellie Hurst, Cathy Meringer, Diane Vautour, Dianne Nadeau, Sandy McLaughlin, Anne Fegan, Mary Lou Clancy, 
Front. Deirdre Fegan
Standing. Joanne Bond and Diane Karas

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Heritage Oshawa Web Scrape - Memories of Oshawa - 1960's - 1970's Part 2

The Heritage Department of the City of Oshawa had a Memories of Oshawa web page.  It was taken down when they re-did their website and the content wasn't saved, but I web-scraped it to keep the memories of Oshawa alive during the time as Neil Young put it, when "all our changes were there".  Oshawa has changed drastically since those halcyon 1970's and my time at OCHS .  This is part 2 of the web scrape. More to come.

Posted by Jackie 
My father grew up on Athol street and I believe he went to Eastdale high school in the mid-late 60's. He met my mom Beth at some point. My grandparents on my mom side owned Coulters. I'm not sure if that's the right name but that's what my mom called it. My grandparents on my fathers side worked at Coulters.

While looking back into my family history I realized I have a lot of family connections in this town;

Posted by Steve
We live in the Old train ticket station on Knights Roadd in cedardale is this true house was buillt in 1900.

Posted by Robert
Almost certain that the station wagon used by the "Popcorn man" was a Vauxhall.
- Otto Schwartz a gunsmith shop located across from the Cenotaph on Simcoe South. A true master craftsman.
- Hanging out at the Sunset Variety on Hortop St. Drove the shop keeper Mike crazy trying to keep the kids out of the way of paying customers. Only years later have I now grown to appreciate his amazing tolerance of youth.
Wish I knew his last name.
- Waiting in the car wash across from the A&W on Simcoe North for someone worthy to drag race down Simcoe.
Possibly a Mustang GTA from Brambley Motors or a Camaro Z/28 from GM's Experimental Workshop by the North Plant.
- Oshawa was car crazy.
- Hordes of Honda's, 20 or more in packs buzzing up and down Simcoe St. in the evenings.

Posted by Allen
Do you remember Crown Taxi It was operated by Mr Gamagi?

Posted by Kathy
I was raised in Cedardale. I went to Cedardale Public School and lived on Conant Street. I loved Gangemi's icecream cones. The icecream was in cardboard rolls. The flavors were vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. They were 5 cents each. I was born in 1958. I also went to Donevan Collegiate.

Posted by Allen
I remember the chip truck parked in the evening on weekends in front of the post office at Simcoe S and Athol St. My friend Gus and I would work in the truck for an hour or so while the owner went to the Lancaster Hotel to have a few beer.

We knew nothing about making French Fries and I never forgot what he said. "when the potatoes float in the hot oil they are done". Our pay was a PAPER bag of chips. We did it 3 or 4 times. FUN when you are 14 or 15 years old.

Posted by Allan
I worked on Mike's Chip truck for 3 years. He would pick us up at Cedardale school at 4 pm and then we would drive all the neighborhoods til we finished at the Queen's Hotel on Simcoe North at around midnight then walk home to Cedardale at midnight munching on a big bag of fries, what else, all the way home. Mike lived off of Bloor St., and we would go in Sat. morning and peel & cut the fries to cook. Can you imagine the govt. allowing anyone to drive around with kids in an old truck with boiling oil today. What a great memory.

Posted by Frank

It's fun to read all of the old memories of this wonderful town. We all love it.  My best memory is the GET(OCVI), Rose Bowl, Barn Hears, the hardware store on King Street where you could get nails by the pound and the drive-in theater. Remember CKLB radio?

Posted by Allen
There was a pool hall involved in the Fashion Village Fire and guess what? One of the pool tables was sold and quess to who? The Oshawa Fire Department union, and the pool table was moved to the Fire Hall at 111 Simcoe N. Ironic!!

1972 Oshawa Generals - Two OCHS Students on the Team

(Click picture to enlarge)

Two students from OCHS were on the Oshawa Generals Team in 1972.  Goalie Rick St. Croix who is seated in the first row, second from right, went on to play for the Toronto Maple Leafs in the NHL, and Larry Hopkins, 3rd from right in the second row, went on to play for the Winnipeg Jets.  Both Rick and Larry were a year ahead of me in high school, in my brother's class. Quite amazing since we were a small school.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Heritage Oshawa Web Scrape - Memories of Oshawa - 1960's - 1970's Part 1

The Heritage Department of the City of Oshawa had a Memories of Oshawa web page.  It was taken down when they re-did their website and the content wasn't saved, but I web-scraped it to keep the memories of Oshawa alive during the time as Neil Young put it, when "all our changes were there".  Oshawa has changed drastically since those halcyon 1970's and my time at OCHS .  This is part 1 of the web scrape. More to come.

Posted by Mike
I've been thinking about this one for some time, does anyone remember trampolines outside at the south end ? of the Oshawa Centre. you paid a small amount and could bounce away ! I also remember going for groceries on fridays with my parents at Loblaws in the centre. there was a booth inside and I'd be treated to a hot dog and orange crush, my favourite.

Posted by John
I remember taking my CCM bicycle to Mr. Drayton's bicycle repair on Kenneth where ACE Upholstery is. It was dark inside, and he could fix it , but had I been riding over curbs, was his question. I assured him I had not of course a lie. He was as dark and foreboding as his shop.

Posted by John 
You could walk down Mary Street and look into the GM factory and watch them wet sanding the car bodies and staging them for the paint booth. Go on down to Karns Drug's lunch counter and have a hot dog & coke for 25 cents. Then to Regent theatre for the latest movie for 15 cents.

Posted by John 
Anyone remember Zolies Forum? Was a Disco in the OC back in the 70s, lights under the dance floor and the whole thing. :-) Learned a thing or two there when I was in public school maybe 11-12 years old. Buddy's older brother was the bouncer so we got in. What a blast, heard Blondie's Heart of glass for the first time there!

Posted by Jon
Incredible how things have changed for children. We rode our bikes without helmets and rode in cars without seatbelts. We could own a .22 rifle at age ten and a BB gun before that.

I thought nothing of going to the movies by myself at age eight(15 cents),and you could buy a pretty good balsa and tissue paper Easy Built model airplane kit (manufactured in Oshawa on Switzer Drive) for 25 cents at Joe Flynn's Sportsman's Shop or Pollards Hobby Shop.
We spent many an happy hour in the "Hills and Dales", a beautiful, wild meadow bounded by Rossland Road, Ritson, Hillcroft and the tracks of the Oshawa Railway's electric trolley line behind the backyards of Grierson Street. It seemed to run to the horizons to us,and was filled with milkweed,wild asparagus, mushrooms, dock, nettles and wild creatures of all kinds; a paradise for kids.Google tells me the little bit left is called Centennial Park...sigh.

Posted by Maralyn
One of the garage bands that I remember was the DuKanes with Frank Pollard, Bob Smerage, Bob Mitchel, Paul Scarko,( all from Oshawa) Billy Gogan and Bobby Rae. Another one was The Linconaires with many Oshawa boys in it. I went to two high schools there and lived there from the time I was two until I got married at twenty one and moved to Toronto. We are back in Durham now. Love the memories

Posted by Luke 
...have enjoyed reading many of the other entries....grew up near Connaught Park....attend SJ Philips and O'Neill...nice to see Karns Drugs posts....I remember Mr. Andrews from the 1960's and the delicious milkshakes from the "fountain" at the rear of the store...haven't seen any reference to Virginia's Fish and Chips (near Ontario Motor Sales) or Dancey's Shoes (Doug Wilson's now I believe)....any memories or photos of these two places...thanks again

Posted by Hendy 
I was born in Oshawa ..went to Holy Cross,OCCI,Port Perry High for one year them back to OCCI. Have memories of Ward's pool room, the "Four Corners" , Genosha Hotel(Harry's Hideaway)..Biltmore,Marks,& Regent theatres...lived most of the time on Cloverdale St. Barnhart's, The Jube, The Get, UAW dances on Sat afternoons...Geneva Park...Weekends at Greenhurst...LOL this has been fun! Thanks for the memories!

If you have a memory of Oshawa during these days, please leave a comment.